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Who are we

VolonTour has it’s business base in Bellinzona. It’s goals are to offer sustainable tourism for clients all over the world. The client travels to the chosen destination and is welcome into a project.

The client pays the travel and maintenance costs; the largest part of the maintenance costs flow into the project of the local project.

The client is fully integrated and participates personally in the project.

Benefit for the client:
the client spends her/his vacation in a meaningful way.

Besides getting to know the country and its people and having an unforgettable experience, s/he knows, that the majority of his paid vacation benefits the local people.

S/he also gets to know new people, maybe make new friends, be amongst interesting people.

Benefit for the local project:
by offering lodging to a tourist, the local manager receives support and help for the project and can implement its development. S/he can introduce the culture and its people in a direct way and at the same time realize her/his ideas. S/he can offer additional paid services to the guest if s/he so chooses.

Benefit for VolonTour:
making a meaningful contribution to the tourist industry and promoting sustainable tourism.