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Who are we

Philosophy Team



VolonTour offers sustainable tourism where you can actively contribute in a project and financially support it while you are on vacation.

Your benefit

- You spend an interesting and exciting holiday.
- You enjoy some comforts and feel safe.
- You make new friends and are taken care of personally.
- You are integrated into a project or community.
- You are close to people, culture and nature from a different perspective.
- You have a meaningful vacation.

Benefit for local project leader

- Your active participation and support of the project itself.
- Your financial support to pay for food and lodging goes directly to the project.
- A cultural exchange happens between the project leader and the visiting participants.

We guarantee a meaningful and sustainable vacation with local project leaders that are personally known to us. We also guarantee a friendly reception in the specific projects or destinations.

We offer short term stays of one week or more (depending on distance).

You do not need to plan extended stays (but you can if you so wish) or take a class to prepare yourself.

We DO NOT offer guided tours. The experience requires your active participation.

Our slogan: “take a vacation and be caritable at the same time”.

We look forward to your visit. Here is how you can contact us.